Professional photo studio

What does a professional commercial photographer do?

A commercial photographer is a professional photographer who is hired by a business to promote its products, services, or brand. The main thing that sets commercial photographs apart from other genres is the intention behind the shot.

The intention can vary greatly depending on whether the photos are a lifestyle shot with models and the product, a shot of a person providing a service, or a shot of product by itself or in a group.  Another factor in the intention is how are the photos going to be used.  Uses for photos can include billboards, posters, magazine pages, online advertising, labels or product catalogs, etc.

Requirements for a successful commercial photography session

For a commercial photography session to be successful, it requires adequate planning.  The first and most important in developing the plan is what message does the business what to give the consumer.  Second in importance is that the business knows exactly what type of shots it wants from the commercial shoot. Third, the types of shots wanted by the business must be shared with commercial photographer. Fourth, the commercial photographer and the business must make sure that the right shots are taken to reflect the business’ brand message.  Fifth, the commercial photographer and the business must make sure to have the props (including setup) and the desired style needed to get the shots wanted by the business. 

Major businesses often invest thousands of dollars in their advertising campaigns.  They know that in order to be successful, the campaign must have adequate planning and that plan must be shared with the commercial photographer.   These brands also understand that a professional commercial photographer is a big asset to their business. 

The commercial photographers’ skills

Commercial photography requires a huge range of expertise, skills and knowledge to shoot the best images.  Commercial photography covers a broad range of everything from corporate portraits to architectural images or product photography. For the best results, knowledge and skill in the different lighting, gear, and creativity for the different types of photos to be taken are needed by the commercial photographer.

Why is it important for businesses to hire a professional commercial photographer?

With over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, Cheryl Barton specializes in commercial / advertising / product photography. Cheryl photographs interiors, exteriors, and products for editorial or business purposes. She works closely alongside clients to make their vision a reality and to exceed their expectations. She can deliver images on time, within budget, and with enthusiasm. Click to get in touch with Cheryl regarding your next photoshoot.

Cheryl knows from years of experience that the conversations between the professional photographer and the clients are the first step to capturing great commercial photography. A clear understanding of the business’ goals, resources, and the best way to use them is needed by the photographer. The photographer will work closely with the client to create images that are professional, eye-catching, and ultimately, sell its products.

Cheryl’s team will work closely to create great visual images of the business and its activities, according to its requirements. You can trust that Cheryl and her team will provide the images required for its website, advertising campaign, annual report, or magazine editorial.